My name is Carlos Lombardero and I was born in Galicia (Spain).

My major passion is discovering new destinations to show through photography what those moments make me feel. People, places, emotions and the subjective beauty represented in all its forms are the main subjects of my work.

Photography lets me take the travel experience to another dimension and this symbiosis makes it the main goal of my adventures. The fusion of feeding back to one another allows me to live in first person, instead of being a mere observer.

Everything started when I was 17 years old, during my senior year of High School abroad. I felt an irrational impulse to show my relatives what I was living there and how different it was from what I was used to. Since then I lost the fear of the unknown and now I am a victim of how it fills me to discover, capture and show other ways of being happy and beauty.

Nowadays I’m involved in a personal project that aims to connect photography and travelling. These last months I’ve been travelling by land from Myanmar all the way up to the ancient kingdom of Ladakh, in the Northwest of India. Nearly 7.000 km to discover and photograph a fascinating country.